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Paper Decoration

Paper Decoration

We all love making Paper Decorations for Christmas and other events. Paper Decorations have noticed a upscale trend this year for manufacturing of Handmade Paper Decorations These Paper Decorative items are stitched cotton string and with a few sheets of recycled paper, it’s easy to make paper decorations and simple to hang throughout the house. The Paper Decorations are most common product used as Decoration in any house.

The Paper Decoration has many varieties of designs and pattern hence it is completely a large group of words together. Our range of Handmade Decoration consists of Paper Snowflakes, Paper Baubles, Paper Stars, Paper Hangings, Paper Buntings, Paper String Lights, Paper Honeycomb and other Handmade Decorative Products. Making your own Paper Christmas Decorations is a beautiful way to spend winters and providing all a chance to involve in the environment and get lost in the happiness of making unique Paper Decorations.  

You can combine our Paper Decorations with other natural objects like our Paper Stars, Paper Hangings, Handmade Paper Snowflakes, Buntings and other Paper Decorations wonderful back Christmas back drop.

Our company Innovative Paper Store makes Paper Baubles which are made from Eco Friendly, Recycled Paper. We are capable of producing more than 1500 pieces of Paper Baubles at our well equipped factory. All items we are producing are made from our artisans therefore Handmade and we use completely Recycled Handmade Cotton Waste Paper. 

We make Paper Decorations using scrap paper, colored paper, recycled paper or any sort of paper. Simply cut wider strips of recycled paper for children to write their list for Christmas or to make a Christmas wish. You can also use these baubles to make small gifts if you fill them with tiny things like beads other paper waste. Just Party - Decorate – Love.

We believe that any life events whether it big or small needs to be celebrated and it’s our pleasure to make Paper Bunting, handmade paper tags, tokens and more for all kinds of occasions. So if you’re planning a beach wedding, a hen party our decorations will suit best of this party, if it’s your young ones birthday party or an anniversary, a baby shower or, indeed, any kind of family or friends get-together, we can help create personalized paper bunting and paper decorations for you.

With the help of today’s technology we are largest manufacturer of Paper Snowflakes, Paper Hangings, Bunting, Paper Stars and many more. Paper Snowflakes from recycled off white paper are used to decorate homes like suspending them in a window where they catch the breeze and dance. We also produce Paper Snowflakes from colored tissue paper and layer different colors and sizes. We are using patterned paper for a different effect and can create large bulk order in short span of time.

This year, we are focusing to make two types of Paper Snowflakes to decorate the Christmas Barn. These Paper Snowflakes are very popular in European market like London, USA, New York, Tokyo & Dubai also. The new names for Handmade Cotton Waste Paper Snowflakes are Concertina Paper Snowflakes and Flat Paper Snowflakes. We also do personalized Paper Bunting that will create a distinctive decoration that will look fantastic. 

The party decoration is an easy way to create an impact at any party or special occasion. We have exported bunting for family weddings functions, birthday party or anniversary, hen parties, retirements and our USP Product 'Will you marry me' bunting.

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