Handmade Wrapping Paper

Fair Trade Wrapping Paper

Fair Trade Handmade Paper 

We are dealing in manufacturing of 100% Fair Trade Products and recycled paper gift items. We are promoting our export for all kinds of Paper Items like Paper Boxes, Paper Notebooks, Paper Decorations, Paper Stars and many more. All these products are complete Handmade and Fair Trade Paper Products.

Our Gift Boxes are made by using beautiful printed handmade papers. At the initial step we print our papers using hand screen printing method and then we paste them on thick cardboard. All Gift Boxes are rigid, can be nested, strong and otherwise flat packed ones are durable. Our facility is prepared to produce large quantities of Handmade Papers and colors in as per buyer specifications. Our prestigious customers from London, Tokyo & New York like to buy boxes in nested packaging so that freight cost can be brought down.

If you're looking for handmade wrapping paper and you love the environment, our Handmade Wrapping Paper Rolls are perfect for you! This is because all types of Handmade Paper we are producing are completely Eco-Friendly and Recycled. For wide range of Handmade Paper Products and their variety of other kinds please visit us at our website www.innovativepaperstore.com.

Our exclusive variety of Wrapping Paper can't be found anywhere else as we are the only leading manufacturer of paper products. We've all know how the generic wrapping paper are our recycled cotton waste paper is not made from flimsy material. We always assure our customer with best of our quality. We are supplier of bulk quantity handmade paper. Our Handmade Paper are also called as Decorative Printed Paper. We are largest exporter of Handmade Paper from India. 

We are displaying all kinds of Recycled Paper Products like Gift Boxes, Bags, Notebook, Journals, Home Decorations and Christmas Decorative Items. While using our handmade wrapping, the sheets are durable and made from recycled material that won't cause any rips or tears! The best part: our recycled wrapping paper is great for your environment! Made in India, this unique gift wrapping paper is 100% recycled. To all of those eco-friendly people, we salute you. 

We are also a Sedex and Fair Trade Certified Unit. All items we make are Fair Trade and Sedex certified, they are completely made of Recycled Cotton Rag. We not only deal with all kinds of Paper Products but also Home Decorations. 

At our factory we are Manufacturer of Wrapping Paper and other variety of Wrapping Paper which are commonly called as Gift Wrapping Paper. Our designing team regularly works in developing such kind of Gift Wrapping Paper which is completely derived from Recycled Materials and are Eco Friendly Product. Our Gift Wrapping Paper have various printing process and may be useful for Gift Wrapping so that we can cater wide range of customized designs. All Wrapping Paper are certified under Fair Trade and Sedex certified.

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